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Welcome to "The Mother Load"

You whole-ass everything in life. 

Work. Kids. Relationships. 

You have a good job that you enjoy and feel confident doing. 

Your relationships are fulfilling and loving. 

Your children are happy, healthy and the light of your life. 

People say you’re dependable. Your partner urges you not to over commit, but "no" is not in your vocabulary. You wouldn't want to let anyone down.

Lately you're feeling overwhelmed and stressed with managing the demands of work, home and being the Mom and partner you want to be. It feels like the life is being sucked out of you.

You feel like you're always on the go-getting kids to sports or school events, grocery shopping, meal prep, laundry, cleaning...the list goes on and on.

Don't forget your work responsibilities and personal relationships that demand your attention, too!

You're feeling like life is spinning out of control, but you don’t know any other way to live. 

Isn’t this what a good Mom does? 

You notice a lack of energy that you once had plenty of. You find it difficult to start your “to do” list. You'd rather mindlessly scroll through social media or watch TikToks that make you laugh. You tell yourself tomorrow will be better, that you’ll do whatever-the-thing-is then. But it’s more of the same. You feel guilty for not being more “productive.”

Your monthly happy hour with your friends has turned into…well, you’re not sure when you last attended. The thought of a girl's weekend doesn’t even cross your mind. There’s just too much to do at home. 

You realize you’ve been forgetting things, which makes things worse. You're supposed to be the organizer of all the things, after all.

You and your partner haven’t been intimate in quite awhile, now that you think of it. Sex has been replaced with more frequent bickering and some larger arguments at times. 

You’re stressed. Overwhelmed. And fucking exhausted. 

Your loved ones are worried about you. That’s why you’re here. They said it was time to talk to someone, that you can’t keep going like this. To get them off your back you found your way here.

Their "intervention" makes you feel like you’re doing something wrong.

I'm here to assure you, you’re not. You’re a great Mom. You’re doing the best you can.

But it doesn't have to continue like this.

Welcome to what I lovingly call "The Mother Load."

It’s time to get off this runaway train and get control of your life. I can help.

Together, we can find a healthier way for you to balance all the things so some of the attention you give to others is focused on you.  

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