Who the F Am I?

I'm starting with the woman in the mirror
I'm asking her to change her ways
And no message could've been any clearer
If you wanna make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself and then make a change

adapted from Michael Jackson - Man In the MIrror

Life looks a lot different now than it did a decade ago.

You find yourself looking in the mirror and wondering who is that person staring back at you?

You used to feel so vibrant and fun.

Now you're feeling tired (as evidenced by the dark circles under your eyes. Sigh. Note to self: search Amazon to find a better concealer) and yoga pants are a staple piece of clothing. Nothing wrong with them, but they sure are a far cry from your club clothes and heels. Damn, you looked good in those clothes. They made you feel sexy and confident. Sigh.

You had some big dreams in your younger days. You wanted to tour the world. Have grand adventures. Wild romances. Partying til dawn, catching a couple hours of sleep and looking fresh for work the next morning was easy. You wanted to break that glass ceiling. Marry a millionaire. Forget that: you wanted to be one.

You look again and any remnants of that person have vanished into thin air.

Fuck. Now what?

Now you're lucky to get the crust of a PBJ that your kid left. Or to shower daily. Instead of jetting off on a girls' weekend, it's getting the kids to their activities. Paying bills. Getting groceries. Making those groceries into some meal that inevitably someone won't eat.

Some days you yearn to go back in time. Other days you're perfectly content where you are and wouldn't trade it for anything. But those days are fewer lately.

You love your life. But, for the love of god, there has to be more than this! Clearly, something is missing.

That something... that more is YOU. And I'm here to help you find her again.

It's easy to get caught up in our roles in life: Professional. Parent. Partner. Friend. Etc.

But where are you in all this? The real you. Where do you show up in the midst of everything and everyone else?

Aside from being "Johnny's Mom," you have a name. But you don't use it.

You have thoughts, desires, plans. You have thoughts and feelings. But you're not acknowledging them.

We can work on that together.

When working with women who wear a lot of hats, we spend a good deal of time investigating your true identity. You had one before you surrendered it to life. She's just gotten lost in the midst of living life. That's okay, but we need to find her and revive her. ASAP.

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