Therapists Need A Therapist, Too

You're a great therapist.

You follow the rules.

You watch your language in session (for the most part).

You have good boundaries.

You use your time wisely.

At the end of the day you're exhausted and cannot muster the energy to write one more casenote or update another treatment plan.

You notice that some of your own shit comes up in the therapy room and you make a mental note to run, not walk, to find a therapist.

But you're hesitant. You've seen other therapists and, quite frankly, they suck. How many of them haven't been able to meet your needs? Too many to count, right? So you suffer through, wondering if you're expecting too much.

You want desperately to be seen as the human you are. Not the therapist who is "supposed to know." You want the real-talk education. You want the homework. Yup, you want to cry in therapy.

I see you. I hear you.

Sure, you're supposed to be the expert. But when you wake up in the morning you're human. Oh,but the world doesn't seem to allow you this luxury. Especially not after the last couple of years. Covid has taken grace and thrown it out the damn window. You're supposed to be "on" and available to do all the things for all the people all the time. At home. At work. It's too much.

Hi. I'm the Therapist's Therapist.

You long for a therapist who won't assume you know what you're supposed to be doing. Dammit, if you were going to do it, you'd be doing it already! You want to be a client...not a therapist who is a client. If it were that easy to therapy yourself, you wouldn't be here. You just want the chance to let your guard down to feel everything you've been pushing down. And not feel judged.

Being a "Magical Trailblazer" is fucking exhausting.

You find yourself wondering if you even want to do this work anymore. May I remind you that never ever have we, as therapists, gone through the exact same traumatic experience as our client. Yes, our resources, supports and levels of reaction may be different, but we all went through the last couple of years together. And it was a nightmare. And you need to process that shit just as much as your clients do. You deserve to have a safe space and someone who listens to you as a person.

Imagine sitting in my office, being allowed to say what you want to say, how you want to say it (colorful curse word confetti and all) and snot-nose sobbing because this has all just been too much. Imagine you don't have to shoulder all of this alone anymore. Imagine being given homework assignments to deep breathe three times a day and wondering what in the hell this is going to do to help (wink, wink, it will). Imagine feeling seen and heard.

I got you.

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