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At Follow Your Arrow Counseling, LLC, I'm dedicated to guiding you on a journey of self-discovery and healing. My commitment to your well-being extends beyond the conventional. And if you already know me, you know that I'm anything but conventional. For this very reason, I'm excited to introduce a new approach to our work together – EMDR Intensives.

You've been doing weekly sessions and it's fine. Sometimes you feel like you're hanging in the balance for the next session to finish the conversation. And by the time the next session rolls around, you've forgotten all about the initial incident and you're dealing with a new one.

You can't help but think that if we had just a little bit more time, we might be able to get further.

You may be right.

While the traditional weekly session is great and most things can be worked through before the end of the 55 minute session, EMDR is a tad different. Nothing feels worse to me than to stop a client in the middle of amazing breakthroughs simply because we ran out of time. It's hard to get back to where you were the following week, possibly just to have it happen again.

It's frustrating! Especially when your deepest desire is to feel. Better.

Why Choose EMDR Intensives?

There are several reason to choose an Intensive versus - or in addition to - your regular weekly therapy session.

Specialized-For-You Healing Experiences

Each individual's healing journey is unique. EMDR Intensives are carefully designed to provide an individuallized and customized healing experience. We will work collaboratively to create a meaningful and transformative experience for your Intensive. From your fave drink and snacks to essential oils, this process is alllll about YOU and your healing.

Aligning with Your Intuition

Just as your 'arrow' follows its unique path, your EMDR Intensive experience adapts to your personal pace and rhythm. This approach allows us to get to the core of your healing journey by acknowledging and respecting your inner intuition, your guiding light, your instinct.

Unveiling Insights with Extended Sessions

Regular therapy sessions are great! They often touch the surface of your experience, but all too quickly our time is up. EMDR Intensives are designed to offer extended, uninterrupted sessions, unveiling deeper insights and fostering a more profound connection with your inner self.

Navigating Life's Complexities Together

Life's journey can be tricky and healing is a process of navigating through its complexities. EMDR Intensives provide a supportive space for you to explore and address the intricacies of your experiences, fostering resilience and growth, all with the guidance of your trained Therapist.

(And without the ticking of the clock in the back of your mind.)

Your Healing, Your Schedule

I recognize that life is always movin' and groovin'. Schedules can be demanding to say the least. EMDR Intensives offer flexibility, allowing you to invest a larger chunk of time in your well-being without the constraints of a weekly commitment. It's about making healing accessible for your unique journey.

Embark on Your Transformative Journey

Step into a new chapter of healing and self-discovery with an EMDR Intensive. Whether you're seeking relief from past traumas, anxiety, or the day to day challenges, extended sessions provide the space for transformation and growth.

How Is An EMDR Intensive Set Up?

Step 1: Pre-Intensive Consultation (for new clients only)
During this 90-minute session, we'll establish the objectives for the EMDR Intensive and lay the groundwork for the entire experience. Together, we'll pinpoint the distressing memories, beliefs, emotions or images that you want to find relief from.

Step 2: Created-For-You Treatment Workbook
This workbook is made up of evaluations and exercises designed to get you ready for the Intensive session, with plenty of space to track your progress toward treatment goals before, during and after our session(s). Get a fillable PDF or print it yourself.

Step 3: Intensive Session(s)
The EMDR Intensive session(s) take place at my office or virtually. They are scheduled for 1-3 days for 3 hours each day and includes customized treatment and resourcing/grounding activities customized to your needs. We'll take breaks as needed.

Step 4: Post-Intensive Follow-Up
This 90-minute session will be our chance to recap from the Intensive and check in to see how you're doing. We'll talk about how things have changed since the Intensive, any "ah ha moments" and any relief from previous symptoms. We'll also discuss treatment goals for moving forward. This may include scheduling additional Intensives or returning to weekly therapy sessions.

What Is The Investment?*

Each EMDR Intensive is 3 a hour session.

Unfortunately insurance companies don't cover this service.

Therapy Intensive Hourly Rates:

Weekday Intensive Hourly Rate $240

Weekend Intensive Hourly Rate $285

Payment Schedule & Cancellation Policy

Your credit card on file will be charged a 50% non-refundable deposit which is due at the time of booking. The remaining balance will be charged the morning of your scheduled Intensive.

*An EMDR Intensive is not meant to be a financial hindrance, rather a jumpstart to getting through the deeper work, faster. Payment plans can be offered.

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