Why I Don't Take Insurance

I choose not to take insurance for several reasons:

Self-Care: We all need to take care of ourselves, even therapists. By not working with multiple insurance companies, I don't have to see as many people. This keeps me from experiencing burnout (yup, it happens to me, too) and allows me to be more present and do my best work during your session.

Confidentiality: Your confidentiality is extremely important to me. Insurance companies are nosy as fuck. They want to make sure you really need therapy and they don't leave that decision up to either of us...the person who is struggling or the professional. Why let them determine your needs - they don't know you like that.

Diagnosis: If you want your insurance company to pay, they want a diagnosis. Quite frankly, I'm not going to give you one unless it's super duper necessary. This little code can have consequences for you and your family moving forward (think life insurance). If you do require a diagnosis, we'll talk about it and make sure it's completely necessary.

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